Caravel understands that its Clients’ most constrained resources are time and money. At Caravel, we have invested in developing comprehensive, pre-built solutions, processes, and templates based on decades of collective experience. This allows Caravel to be prescriptive with its Clients’ time and reduce the overall cost of the project as less time is spent on creating versus gathering, assessing, and delivering. Caravel offers various solutions (pre-built packages) across its service lines from business process strategy, software selection, and project oversight/management.


Whether an SMB, Mid-Market, or Enterprise Client, Caravel allows companies to right-size the level of engagement through these pre-defined packages while still offering the flexibility to tailor these packages with à la carte service options. 






  • Activities: Gather & Categorize Business Requirements; Outline Major Process Flows; Overlay Technology Strategy & Phasing
  • Deliverables: Requirements Questionnaire, Roadmap
  • Timeline: 2 Weeks

Essentials Plus

  • Activities: Essentials Package (Above), Process Mapping, Organizational Support
  • Deliverables: Requirements Questionnaire, Roadmap, Process Maps, Organizational Chart by Process Flow
  • Timeline: 3-4 Weeks

Essentials Expanded

  • Activities: Essentials Plus Package (Above), Organizational Change Management by Process Flow
  • Deliverables: All Deliverables in Base & Plus, OCM Map by Person by Flow
  • Timeline: 4-6 Weeks


Business System Assessment (BSA)

  • Activities: Gather & Categorize Business Requirements; Determine Software/Technology Vendors; Review Software/Deployment Considerations
  • Deliverables: Requirements Questionnaire, BSA Overview PPT
  • Timeline: 2 Weeks


  • Activities: Additive to BSA, Draft Documents, Distribute to Vendors, Collect, & Assist in Creating Vendor Shortlist through Scoring Process
  • Deliverables: RFI or RFP Document, Vendor Response Analysis
  • Timeline: 4-6 Weeks including Vendor Responses

Vendor Demos

  • Activities: Additive to BSA & RFI/RFP Process, Demo Flows, Vendor Preparation & Coordination, Demos & Follow Up, Score Card, Decision Matrix
  • Deliverables: Demo Flows, Score Card, Decision Matrix
  • Timeline: 2-4 Weeks including Vendor Demos

Vendor Negotiation

  • Activities: Additive to BSA, RFI/RFP & Demo Process, Vendor & Contract Negotiations
  • Deliverables: Agreed Upon Contract Price & Product/Service Terms
  • Timeline: 1-3 Weeks



  • Activities: PM Meetings, Review Timeline, Deliverables & Progress, Identify Risk Areas & Remediation Plans, Review Status Reports with Steering Committee
  • Deliverables: Bi-Weekly Status Reports (6 in Total)
  • Timeline: Assumed Project Duration – 3 Months


  • Activities: Access to Project Portal & Project Templates
  • Deliverables: Project Management Portal, Project Templates
  • Timeline: Assumed Project Duration – 3 Months

Project Management

  • Activities: Inclusive of Governance & Tools, Management of Project Tasks, Deliverables, Timelines and Resources
  • Deliverables: All Deliverables in Governance & Tools including Proj. Plan Mgmt.
  • Timeline: Per Month Fee


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