Shipping Integration with NetSuite ERP

Learn How NetSuite’s Quality Management Bundle Can Help Your Business

Designing, manufacturing, distributing, and selling a product of high quality does not happen by accident, it requires a company-wide commitment to enforcing policies and standards. NetSuite’s Quality Management solution has been designed to help you deliver the highest quality in your products with minimal overhead regardless of the size and complexity of your business and product line.

 Key Benefits 

  • Formalize quality policies, standards, and practices. 
  • Improve product quality. 
  • Initiate quality activities from business transactions. 
  • Work with large volumes of raw data sets. 
  • Collect in-process and incoming inspection results. 
  • Compare to the pass/fail criteria. 
  • Integrated non-conformance reporting. 
  • Reduced cost of quality.


The inspection record defines exactly what it is that you want your quality engineer to check. These inspection records can be re-used so, for example, you only must create a “check for material certificates” inspection once—these are later grouped into specifications that are then applied to items, etc. There are currently two main types of inspections that are supported. 

With qualitative inspections, the inspector can verify that the item is in good overall condition or verify that the appropriate certificates are in place. Quantitative inspections, on the other hand, allow you to define multiple measurable elements along with criteria for acceptance, i.e. diameter, width, length, temperature, or even chemical composition.

Skip Lot, Sample Size and Failures 

Within each inspection, you can also specify how many items need to be inspected and define rules for inspecting specific sequences of lot or serial tracked items. Failures then define how many of the inspected units can fail inspection before the inspection itself is failed—kicking off the non-conformance workflow. 

As an administrator, you are able to distinguish sample data from summary or aggregate data and control whether sample data should be recorded in NetSuite or stored externally, allowing you to easily work with larger volumes of raw data sets. 

Test Definition 

Each inspection can be set up with multiple data elements that define the parameters of the inspection process.

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